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Lujiawan cadres and masses welcome Ruixue

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The square donated by the group provides villagers with a place to play in the snow


The working group stationed in the village cooperates with the cadres, Party members, public welfare workers and enthusiastic masses of the two committees to clean up the snow


Recently, lujiawan village ushered in the first heavy snow in winter. The arrival of Ruixue is a good year. It greatly alleviated the severe fire prevention and drought in the local forest area. The snow has been flying all night, the villagers can't wait to welcome the snow and play, and draw their vision for a better day in the snow. Although the snow has had a certain impact on the production and life of the people, it has fulfilled the people's aspiration for the snow.

While playing and frolicking in the snow, the group's working group in lujiawan village and the village's "two committees" lead party members, public welfare workers and enthusiastic people to work together to remove the snow on the road in the village for the sake of everyone's travel safety.

Dongxue makes lujiawan village more happy and peaceful. The whole cadre and masses of lujiawan village are full of happy smiles. In the future, in the process of the group company's in-depth assistance work, this small mountain village will be thriving, and the villagers' life will be better and better.


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